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To ensure the follow up of our equipment, we have established support tools with remote access via VPN to provide services directly at the heart of your machine.

The remote access allows us to make diagnostics, to modify the programs, to view the CPU state, etc…


The quality and the continuous improvement are our leitmotif.

We use premium components from the brands Siemens, Rockwell, Festo, SEW … to ensure sustainable machines at the cutting edge of technology.

Depending on your needs, your machines can be manufactured with surface roughness up to 0.8 micrometer.

Finally, our machines for the food industry are “hygienic design”. Certified IP69K, they are waterproof and designed to remove water retention areas.


Guaranteed 24-hours response to every request

Our after-sales service is committed to responding as soon as possible to satisfy your request.

Components available worldwide

Our machines are equipped with components from Siemens, Rockwell, Festo, SEW … Universal, they guarantee the availability of spare parts over time.

On-site intervention

With the purchase of your line, we are committed to follow up your equipment and offer you a maintenance contract according to your need.

Maintenance contract

Once your line purchased, we are committed to monitoring and offer a maintenance contract according to your needs.

HMI maintenance plan

It allows you to follow a daily maintenance plan to significantly increase the life of your machines.

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