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Discover our counting solutions for your meat

Ready Meals

Discover our counting solutions for your ready meals
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Discover our counting solutions for your bakery products

Candies - Sweets

Discover our counting solutions for your candies
soup cubes

Soup cube

Discover our counting solutions for your soup cube
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Spoon removal

Discover our counting solution to deposit your spoons

Present in the food processing market for 60 years, VELEC SYSTEMS designs and manufactures counting and distributing solutions, more and more hygienic design. From the single centrifugal machine to the complete turkey solution, we are able to answer you in a personalized way and to offer you a counting solution perfectly adapted to your needs.

Food Processing Machines

Two different ways to count and several possible applications.

The centrifugal machine counting

The centrifugal machine is a simple and strong machine which is able to realign bulk products. This machine can do high speed counting and distributes your aligned products before being packaged in a packing unit.

The cellular counting system

The cellular counting machine is made up of a circular plate with cells on all its circumference which is able to count and distribute batch of product in a unitary or continuous way. This technology ensures counting reliability without damaging the products.

Our turnkey solutions

According to your needs, VELEC SYSTEMS is able to realize your complete packaging lines, from counting your products to their wrapping and palletizing. We offer a solution adapted to the constraints that you encounter: fragile products to handle, pace requested, layout of your workshop …


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