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IQF patties packing solution

Hygienic design

The VELEC IQF patties packing machine is placed right after your IQF patties cooking process, between the IQF patties peeling or cutting unit.

To prevent the development of bacterias in this area the VELEC’s engineering team has concentrated all its effort to design the the most hygienic IQF patties packing solution available on the market. Our solution fulfills and overpasses the recommendations of the meat Industry and the best practices of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG).

Our VELEC IQF patties packing solution have the following key characteristics:
• Fully manufactured in stainless steel (IP69K), with minimal surface roughness.
• Inclined surfaces and no hollow tubing to avoid water retention areas.
• Fully welded with a minimal quantity of bolts, nuts and timing screws, with smooth belts to make is easier to clean.
• The VELEC IQF patties packing machine can be fully disassemble without any tools, all the components have a dedicated place on the frame of the machine or on a dedicated trolley.

A flexible robotic solution

IQF patty hamburgers manufacturer do rarely manufacture only one type of IQF patty hamburger but usually deal with a very large range where recipes, diameter, length, weight and casing vary.

Our robotic solutions loads your products:

  • In all directions: parralel or perpendicular.
  • In all packing configuration: single or multiple layers, with possibly different numbers per layers.

A quick change over is made easy thanks to its preset recipes and dismountable grippers.

A centrifugal solution

Adapted to conventional steak shapes our centrifugal solution is perfect to fit into narrow and tight footprints. To adapt your products, our VELEC IQF patties packing solution loads all types of patties whatever the diameter, length or casing.

Gentle Handling of your IQF patty hamburger to maximize profit

Your patties are handled with care thanks to an hygienic smooth belt. Your patties are then delivered on the cone of the centrifugal machine where they rotate thanks to the centrifugal force, and transfer one by one on the drum’s edges.

Thee patties are transfered from the exit conveyor to the piano belts. Finally, IQF patty hamburgers are placed in their primary package.

It ensures you an unequalled performance, with a minimum of broken products in order to help you optimize your profits.

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