Meat sticks loading solution

Automated solution



An application finally automated and secured

To ensure you optimize your production of meat sticks, our experts developed the most flexible, easy-to-adapt and customized solution. Highly versatile, this solution adapts to your products while maintaining your hygiene standards high.

Machine details

Hygienic design

  • 100% stainless steel with no hollow bodies
  • Inclined surfaces to avoid water retention
  • Minimum number of bolts, nuts and set screws for easy cleaning
  • Use of smooth strips for stick loading
  • Degrees of protection of the components IP69K (Maximum protection against dust and high pressure water)
  • Fully dismountable solution without tools with a dedicated place for each part

Take hygiene further with our CIP

Our Cleaning in Place program ensures the perfect cleaning of your lines. Thanks to a programed cycle of hot water and soap, your cleaning operations are simplified and optimized.

A highly versatile machine

Loads your meat sticks:

  • Quickly, thanks to predefined recipes
  • In all packing configurations: single or multiple layers, even and odd numbers
  • In all directions: parallel and perpendicular


Diameter: 12mm

Length: 95mm

Output: Up to 2,240 units/min

An ergonomic solution

User-friendly and ergonomic, our solution is equipped with

  • An intuitive HMI, easy-to-use, with access to video tutorials
  • Easy access to the equipments to facilitate and simplify your cleaning operations