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The VELEC olives depositor has been developed for the most demanding customers looking for sanitation and gentle packing of their olives. It is an extremely versatile system and an easy to use olives depositor.

Sanitation of the VELEC olives depositor

The VELEC’s engineering team has concentrated all its effort to make the VELEC olives depositor the most hygienic design solution available on the market.
Every single details of our VELEC olives depositor fulfil and overpass the recommendations of the meat Industry and the best practices of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG).
As an example, our VELEC olives depositor have the following key characteristics:
• Fully manufacture in stainless steel, any single part of our VELEC olives depositor is glass bead finished to have minimal surface roughness for a very hygienic solution.
• To avoid water retention area, the VELEC olives depositor is designed in a way to avoid any horizontal flat surface and to have only inclined surfaces.
• The VELEC olives depositor is fully welded with very minimal quantity of bolts, nuts and timing screws, areas which are difficult to access and clean.
• Contrary to our competitors, the VELEC olives depositor has absolutely no hollow tubing construction.
• The VELEC olives depositor use only IP69K components from sensors to actuators, fully stainless steel (no aluminum),
• Because modular belts are well known for all the small holes and areas which are impossible to clean, the VELEC olives depositor use exclusively smooth belts.
• Last but not least, the VELEC olives depositor can be fully disassemble without any tools and all the components have a dedicated place once disassembled either on the frame of the depositor or on a dedicated trolley.

Gentle Handling of your Olives to maximize profit ($$$)

At VELEC, we have spent a lot of time to make sure that our VELEC Olives depositor do handle your olives with care. Right from the beginning, the olives are carefully handled by an hygienic smooth belt. Then, the Olives are delivered on the cone of the cellular counter to be transfered one by one on the drum’s edge. Then the olives are driven one by one behind each other on the exit conveyor, then transferred to the piano belts. Finally, olives are placed in their primary package.
It ensures you an unequalled performance, with a minimum of broken products. And you are not force to employ staff to check every single olives during the process.

The most versatile Olives depositor for every packing configuration

The VELEC olives depositor can load all types of olives whatever the diameter, length, with or without casing (including cellulose casing).

The VELEC Olives depositor: the most user friendly and secured olives depositor on the market

Employees are the most important asset of any organization. Therefore, we have designed the VELEC olives depositor to make their life easy and secured. For that reason, every single element of the depositor is on the floor level without any stairs or platform, and operations are reduced to the very strict minimum.
Interactions for the operators are minimal and have been studied for the best ergonomics.
Finally, the VELEC olives depositor’s HMI is as intuitive as your smart phone and will give access to all type of information, including videos showing how to disassemble and clean the line.




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