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Cellular tray machine

The VELEC cellular tray machine: High speed counting and distributing

The VELEC SYSTEMS cellular tray machine is designed and developed to distribute your bulk products in an orderly, controlled and timely manner. It operates either in unit distribution, products released on-the-fly, or in batch distribution thanks to a release hopper.


The VELEC cellular tray machine, adaptable to all types of products and applications

The VELEC SYSTEMS cellular tray machine is most often installed upstream of your primary packaging system and downstream of your freezer, freezing tunnel or oven.
The fields of application are many and varied:
– Sweet food products (truffles, candies, chewing gum, fruit pieces, chocolate beads…)
– Savoury food products (onions, olives, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella beads)
– Frozen products (meatballs, snails…)

Then, depending on your application, the products are distributed, counted or batched individually or grouped to be loaded into your horizontal bagger, vertical bagger, trays, pots, cans, etc.


The shape and texture of your products are preserved

Fragile, wet, dry products are no longer a problem. The cellular tray machine does not damage your products and avoids waste, production rejects and maximizes your OEE (overall equipment effectiveness).


User friendly with a small footprint

Space has a cost and is often restrain. The Velec Systems cellular tray machine perfectly meets this constraint since it fits into the smallest dimensions.
The cellular tray machine and the entire line remain at ground level, which guarantees ease of use, supervision and maintenance.


A hygienic design adapted to your needs to maximize the efficiency of your lines

The machine is designed in a way to ease as much as possible maintenance and cleaning operations.
Hygiene being the first criterion of acceptability of a machine in the food industry, the design of our machines is as simple as possible. Similarly, to simplify and maximize cleaning operations, the entire machine can be completely dismantled without tools.
Our level of hygiene requirements goes beyond the best standards of the meat industry and beyond the recommendations of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group).
To finish, our flexibility allows us to design the machine you need, in accordance to your demands and products.

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