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End-of-line packaging solution

High speed multi-format packaging line

VELEC Systems, expert in packaging and palettization, designs and manufactures end-of-line solutions from cartoning to palletizing. From flexible packaging to cardboard, we design tailor-made lines that meet your needs. Our philosophy is to provide our customers with the most appropriate solution. This is why we integrate multi-format cartoning solutions, multi-format palletising solutions, whether on a single line or on a multi-line.


Multi-format packaging line

From the simple line to the multi-line, VELEC Systems offers you the solution adapted to your production capacity and your needs.
Our multi-line configurations allow simultaneous operations on different products:
– Multiple grippers
– Collaborative robot grippers
– Collaborative and cooperative palletising area


Management and automation of complete lines

End-of-line automation improves your flexibility and allows you to react quickly to changes in packaging, storage and logistics. Packaging, labelling and palletising require repetitive and difficult work that can easily be done by automated systems to achieve excellent results at a lower cost. Automated boxing and robot palletizing facilitates the transfer of heavy loads.

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