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End of lines solutions

Automatic custom made case packing and palletizing solutions

Our solutions

To answer your case packing problematics, VELEC Systems experts imagine innovative and efficient solutions.

Speed : VELEC machines are among the fastest on the market thanks to high-performance technologies.

Optimization : VELEC solutions are designed to be adaptable to the production site and maximize space.

Case packing

Companies need efficient and high productive equipments to increase the efficiency of their production.

Velec engineers have developed a unique efficient, relable custom-made solution.

• Case formation
• Product loading
• Case closing

In order to protect and transport the product, VELEC machine fill the products very carefully into differents kind of boxes.
Our case packing machine surrounds the primary packing and takes place at the end of the line.
It can also be used as a communication space.

Case filling

To suit all kinds of containers VELEC machines have magazinesfor empty crates folded flat, and conveyors for the outfeed of crates to palletizers.

The case filling is carried out from above using grippers that can be handled bu the arm of a polyarticulated robot.

VELEC equipments fill American cases, trays, with or without drawers, wraparound cartons shaped around the product(s).


The Velec case packing machines can be adaptable to several kind of cases :

• Opened/closed cases
• Tenon boxes
• American cases
• Flowpack/Doypack
• Mixed case
• Trays (with or without drawers)
• Wrap-around case
• Precut case
• Bottles case
• Specific


« Custom adaptation,

100% efficient, wide range of pallets choice »


100% stand-alone

Once the product is manufactured and crated, it is ready to be shipped to your distribution channels.

Thanks to VELEC robotic systems palletizing cell, container can be palletised automatically.

Palletization plan software

To ensure a perfect operation of our palletizing machines and no overflow, VELEC has developped a palletizing plan software.
VELEC palletization plan software makes it very easy to program in the most optimal way of palletizing according to the size of the box in order to put the most products on a pallet with little or no empty space.

Collaborative robots

Retain all the fonctionnalities of a wire mesh palletizer with differents security solutions.
Operate in a targeted manner on complex and delicate tasks which allows the operator to be focused on other tasks.


“Several types of grippers can be used”

Venturi gripper

Venturi technology allows fast integration on robots, directly implanted on the gripper and generates a suction flow thanks to the expansion of the compressed air.

It uses compressed air from the network to generate the vacuum source necessary for the operation of your gripper.

Mechanical gripper 

Poor stacking conditions can lead to the deterioration of goods.
Placing a product such as a crate or bag on a pallet is a crucial technique for ensuring the stability and quality of a stack,
Velec grippers eliminate random placements and provide a stable and compact pallet.
It supports the products from below and drops them onto the pallet thansk to pneumatic forks.

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