Continuous oven loading and unloading solution

Automated solution

The loading of oven: an application finally automated and secured

Loading sausage strings on bars from a stuffing line to place them into a continuous cooking, smoking, cooling line.
Unloading the sticks at the exit and bring the sausages string to peeling/dividing machine drop the products on several conveyors before being cut or peeled.
Automatic stick supply, removal, buffering, cleaning, rectitude control.

Machine details

Hygienic Design

• Open frame structure to avoid any retention areas

• Food grade robot

• Gentle product handling

Bar storage

– Serves as a buffer for the bars during production,

– Completely unloads the oven and stores the bars at the end of production

– Storage capacity: up to 400 bars


Bar transfer and and feeding system

– Storage capacity: up to 20 bars

– During production: acts as a buffer to ensure continuous availability of rods for the robot

– All bars go through straightness check

High performance


• Up to 360 sticks / hour
• Working with various types of sausage strings
• Types of casing: collagen, cellulose, natural,etc.
• Compatible with various trolley designs
• Adaptable with all stuffing machines



Handled sticks


It can load all kinds of stick shapes