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real time 360° video & remote support

An easy way to manage your production

Remote support

Technical   assistance represents one of the major financial expenses for a company. In fact the travel of engineers to your production sites involves time and money investments.

Engineers often travel to production sites to analyse possible technical problems and find solutions.

The analysis of technical problems requires a clear vision of the equipment and its operation in order to quickly find a solution.

Many of these issues could be solved by remote support very quickly.

Velec Systems offers the opportunity for their customers to benefit from a Real time 360° Video  Control & Distant Remote Assistance.


Our remote accesses systems are easy to use and do not require any specific qualification.

Therefore, our engineers have the ability to train operators on the software use. No need to be present, our solutions help us work together and facilitate the interaction between the interlocutors.

The product manager, maintenance or industrial manager, will easily have access to the remote without the presence of Velec Systems experts.


In collaboration with Ewon, the remote solutions specialists, Velec Systems experts propose a remote control system composed of robust routers.

They provide industrial machines to secure internet connections, easy remote access, and gathering, of all types of technical data originating from industrial machines.

To ensure our customers the highest safety as well as ease of use, Talk2M: a scalable, reliable and industrial cloud, enables Velec engineers to monitor the assets wherever they are.

By choosing a remote control system, our customers benefit from an efficient and secure high-tech service to exchange with us and act on their production space.


Velec remote assistance helps the customer to reduce company expenses, react very quickly and not lose productivity. In fact, thanks to the real time video support, significant operational costs are made :

  • No longer needing to travel on-site for support, but still could when requested
  • Engineers report much higher « fix on first visit » ratio thanks to being able to remotely troubleshoot support issues
  • The remote access allows engineers to deploy and integrate their machines faster.

Real Time Video Support

To allow our teams of engineers to exchange with our customers and act remotely on the production line, control cameras can be installed.

These cameras help control the good operation of the line, guide the operators and identify as precisely as possible the eventual technical issues.

Our experts can manipulate remotely the angle of view of the cameras and get acquainted with the functioning of the line in real time.

Real time video support on the production line improves and facilitate the communication with our customers, and the solutions are found faster.

Velec Systems teams want to provide uninterrupted service to their customers and help them increase their productivity by detecting eventual technical issues and guiding them thanks our Velec Real Time Video Support.

Velec Systems offers the opportunity for their customers to benefit from a Real time 360° Video  Control & Distant Remote Assistance.

An easy to use software where Velec esperts interact with our customers about the production line.

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