Trolley & Trees loading and unloading solution

Automated solution



The loading of trolleys: an application finally automated and secured

In order to save you time and your operators energy our solution has been designed to automatically load and unload your sticks on trolleys. It integrates automatic stick supply with buffer and trolley dimension inspection system.


Machine details

Hygienic Design

• Open frame structure to avoid any retention areas

• Food grade robot

• Gentle product handling

• Grants full access to stuffing machine

Bar storage

– Serves as a buffer for the bars during production,

– Completely unloads the oven and stores the bars at the end of production

– Storage capacity: up to 400 bars


Bar transfer and feeding system

– Storage capacity: up to 20 bars

– During production: acts as a buffer to ensure continuous availability of rods for the robot

– All bars go through straightness check

High performance


• Up to 360 sticks / hour
• Working with various types of sausage strings
• Types of casing: collagen, cellulose, natural,etc.
• Compatible with various trolley designs
• Adaptable with all stuffing machines



Handled sticks


It can load all kinds of stick shapes